GitLab Breakfast Impressions

Today I attended a pleasant meetup arranged by ALMtoolbox, discussing GitLab.

The meetup started with a diverse and tasty breakfast:)

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Perforce Merge 2013 Impressions

I’ve attended the Perforce Merge 2013 conference in Tel Aviv.

I am not a Perforce user, and I only know the basic principles behind it, but still I was interested to hear about their concept of ALM and their approach to implementing it.

The keynote theme was ‘Continuous Everything’ (Perforce’s  take on the ‘continuous delivery’ trend). Superb presentation by Simon West, talking about how their new products and new server features enable better versioning, better collaboration, and better control.

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Welcome to “Adventures in SCM”.

In this blog, I intend to write about all kinds of challenges, problems, and thoughts I have while working as an SCM (Software Configuration Management) Engineer.

Check out the About page for more information about this blog and myself.