ERROR: Value for ‘/TR’ option cannot be more than 261 character(s).

One would expect that, in the year of 2014, such errors would be a thing of the past…
But it’s true. You cannot create/update a scheduled tasks from command-line (using SCHTASKS) if the command line it runs is longer than 261 characters.
The funny thing is that you *can* create such a task using the GUI. So why the command-line limitation?

So, how to work around it?
option 1 – create a batch file to run the full command, and set the schedule tasks to execute that batch file. In most scenarios this is the easiest solution
option 2 – use a 3rd party utility for handling scheduled tasks (there are several, including jt.exe from Microsoft’s Windows 2000 SDK)


Preventing msi package from rebooting the system

When running msiexec to install, update or remove a certain product, you may want to prevent it from rebooting the system, or even prompt the user to reboot the system (e.g. if it’s a part of a larger installation or some other scripted operation).

Before Windows Installer 3.0, the only way to do it was setting the Windows Installer REBOOT property like this:

msiexec /i MyPackage.msi REBOOT=ReallySuppress

In Windows Installer 3.0, Microsoft added several command line switches which makes it more readable. So now the command looks like this:

msiexec /i MyPackage.msi /norestart

Much clearer, isn’t it?