NTFS Symbolic Links in Version Control Systems

NTFS support for Symbolic Links was added when Windows Vista was released (2007). 7 years later, and the only major VCS which added ‘native’ support for source-controlling NTFS symbolic links is Perforce.

Most multi-platform VCS (svn, git, etc.) support UNIX-style symbolic links. Why is it so hard to add support for NTFS ones?

Even more confusing is why Microsoft’s own TFS doesn’t support NTFS symbolic links?

Why would I want to use symbolic links, you ask?┬áThere are many use cases for that – I’ll provide examples in a separate post, if people would be interested.

So, what do you do if your developers rely on symbolic links in their workspace? To be honest, not much. The alternatives are: Continue reading

Perforce Merge 2013 Impressions

I’ve attended the Perforce Merge 2013 conference in Tel Aviv.

I am not a Perforce user, and I only know the basic principles behind it, but still I was interested to hear about their concept of ALM and their approach to implementing it.

The keynote theme was ‘Continuous Everything’ (Perforce’s ┬átake on the ‘continuous delivery’ trend). Superb presentation by Simon West, talking about how their new products and new server features enable better versioning, better collaboration, and better control.

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