Atlassian DevOps Event Impressions

Today I attended an event, organized by ManageWare, titled “Bridging the Gap Between Dev & Ops”, focusing on Atlassian’s tools suite. JIRA is a very popular tool here in Israel, so the main theme of the event was to showcase how productivity and collaboration can be increased when integrating JIRA with other tools.

There were quite a few presentation (detailed at the end of the post) on various DevOps-oriented subjects, such as CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and reporting. Nothing revolutionary, but it was nice to see how a good integration between various tools (not just Atlassian ones…) can really make things flow faster and help focus on generating value for the business.

I only wish some of the sessions were longer, there was a lot more to see; unfortunately, due to time constraints, most presenters had to rush through their materials.

And finally we had some fresh Pizza and ice-cold beer šŸ™‚

The presentations:

Shimi from Nice about the cultural and process transformation from releasing monolith on-premise products to a continuous deployment of micro services to the cloud – to the point where they prefer to fix a problem instead of rolling back a problematic deployment. It was interesting to see their use of Confluence to record decisions made by the various stakeholders.

Asaf from ManageWare demonstrated AppDynamics – an application monitoring tool with many capabilities, and good integration with other tools (e.g. automatically creating a JIRA Service Desk ticket, and sending HipChat notifications, in case some performance issue is detected in production)

Nir Geier (Git Nir) showed some of the benefits of integrating Git (BitBucket) with Jenkins and JIRA, enabling greater visibility of the development status and makes pull requests more efficient. Very interesting talk but unfortunately had to be rushed a bit.

Dikla from ManageWare discussed doing BI wit JIRA – what JIRA provides out of the box, the challenges (and benefits) of integrating it with an external BI tool, and how the eazyBI plugin can bring you most of those benefits without investing too much effort.

Michal from Agilesparks discussed Agile project management in JIRA, specifically the ‘Portfolio for JIRA’ product which came a long way in the last year, since I last looked at it. It has features that many JIRA users (especially from the product management world) will appreciate, such as more hierarchy levels of issues (Initiative > Feature > Epic), cross-project releases, visual issue dependency management (finally!), and release timeline.

And finally, Shaked from StartApp showcased how, by integrating their tools, they areĀ automatically moving JIRA issues from one status to the next based on development and CI activities. For example, as soon as a developer creates a branch, the related issue is transitioned to ‘In Progress’; a completed pull requests transition it to ‘Resolved’; a successful deployment to staging environment move the issue to ‘ready for QA’, etc.



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