Migrating off ClearCase – initial thoughts

I spent the last week watching some ClearCase migration webinars and talking to some vendors. My first conclusion is: everyone – even IBM – want you to migrate from ClearCase, and will gladly explain why. Then, they will explain why you should choose their tool over the others. And lastly, they will happily do it for you since apparently they all have vast experience in migrating customers from ClearCase.

Although, I must say, a couple of the ‘smaller’ vendors did say that we should focus on mapping our processes first, then choose a tool which can accommodate this process. This is actually a major paradigm shift: from a file-based development to a process-based development.

So maybe that’s what we’ll do next: try to map the development process. In our case it would be the branching & labeling strategies, which are slightly different between the various development teams here. I expect that, once the process it laid out, we can devise the relevant use-cases, which will help to compose a list of requirements, and test scenarios.

Migrating to JIRA – Technical

When migrating from ClearQuest to JIRA, there are some several technical pitfalls which one may encounter. In this post I will detail the main issues which I tackled during the migration process.

The general strategy is to use as much of the built-in JIRA fields as possible, since many abilities and plug-ins uses them by default (such as JIRA Agile). It required effort, but it certainly paid off.

Let’s discuss the details, then:

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