Migrating off ClearCase

It finally happens…

After using ClearCase for 17 years, we came to a conclusion that we must migrate to a different tool.

The reason: cost. The licensing and support are simply way too expensive compared to other tools on the market. Consider the fact that a single ClearCase license costs about $4500, which is about 6 times the cost other commercial products charge. Roughly the same rate applies on annual support costs. Not to mention the free alternatives such as the well-versed Subversion or the rising star Git.

So… where to start? there are three major aspects to consider:

1. Which Version Control tool to choose?

2. What is the best data migration strategy?

3. What is the best approach for switching the developers  and the development environment to the new tool (builds, utilities etc.)?

We will probably have to hire some expert consultant for this project. But I still need to do my own research, so I’d at least know what questions to ask when the time comes.


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